Speechpath enables Voice to Real-time with Fire Cloud Software’s SIP2Web

Real-Time Data with Fire Cloud Software’s SIP2Web

Using SIP2Web, the voice to real-time bridge, Speechpath clients benefit from access to a range of application and services in delivered in parallel with real-time telephone calls. This unique service, SIP2Web, used in conjunction with Speechpath’s VoIP service, allows clients to receive a secure real-time data feed of telephone call data, information and/or statistics. SIP2Web enables data channels via web sockets relevant to the telephone numbers in question. The call data can include information relating to the telephone call events (invite, from number, to number, cancel, hang-up, etc), call statistics (total, missed, waiting, connected calls, etc), presence (online, offline, busy, etc) or even tailored to only show specific data present in the SIP call messaging allowing bespoke applications to be triggered in their presence. SIP2Web exposes a very powerful feature set, ranging from a typical CRM, customer database system integration to live interaction with other real-time services.

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