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    Cloud Telephony

    The future of telephony is hosted in a cloud. Never worry about your telecoms infrastructure again as we take care of everything.

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Cloud Telephony Services

Welcome to Cloud Telephony section where you will find information on a totally new way of making communications work for you. We hope you find answers to any question you may have and if you need help with anything or want to find out more about our cloud telephony service please feel free to get in touch.

What is Hosted Cloud Telephony?

Being cloud based simply means a hosted solution which expands to your requirements. Cloud telephony service is a telephone system with unlimited growth capacity in terms of lines and extensions. It is also the future of communications as it has the latest features and always will have the latest advancements. Instead of a box on the wall with extensions attached you have IP telephones which plug into any internet connection. Extension numbers are assigned to each telephone and it’s as simple as that.

Both incoming and outgoing calls are via the internet cloud. In doing so, there are a lot of call handling features available on the system which can make life much easier and more efficient for your business. A hosted cloud system also has similar standard features compared to a traditional in-house PBX. These include ring groups, time profiles, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting and call parking. However, the more advanced features available form a cloud solution include Call Queuing, IVR, Video Calling, Call Recording, eFax, Click to Call and Conference Bridging.

Benefits of a Cloud Telephone System


No expensive hardware or central PBX is required. Instead a low running cost per user and initial telephone device is all that is needed.


A user of our Hosted PBX system can be located anywhere in the world with internet access and function as though in the same office.

iconmonstr-share-3-icon-(1)Open Standards

Our Hosted PBX systems runs SIP open standard which means you are not tied down to any particular brand of handset or softphone.

iconmonstr-user-11-iconScalability and Growth

Users can be easily added to our Hosted PBX.  No expensive licenses, hardware, or software upgrades, just simply add a user.

iconmonstr-refresh-3-iconFuture Proof

Our hosted PBX is being constantly updated with new features and developments so you don’t have to worry about future investments or technology refreshes.


Our Hosted Cloud Telephone System is located in a secure data centre with fully redundant backup features.  Our services are cloud based with grow on demand facilities and 100% uptime.